Brands are looking to AI to give them a competitive edge

Meet Watson. You remember him (or her?). Appeared on Jeopardy in 2011. Launched a commercial product in 2012. Had a conversation with Bob Dylan about music in 2015. And now? Meet Watson Advertising.
According to Adweek’s Marty Swant, a new division of IBM, Watson Advertising – encompassing data, media and technology services – will offer a suite of AI products for everything from data analysis and media planning to content creation and audience targeting.
Watson promises to kick start the era of cognitive advertising starting with these four units.
  • Use Watson’s neural networks to analyze data and score users on how likely they are to take action.
  • Use AI for real-time optimization of images and messaging
  • Watson Ads will create content, a service already used by several high-profile brands. Toyota used Watson ads to write copy based on tech and science fan’s interests.
  • AI powered media buying is used by several companies to increase ROI and lower advertising costs….by a lot!
But….and there is always a but, getting the right answers means asking the right questions. A process where humans are still the experts.