Your B2B company can’t ignore the Amazon Effect.

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(or) Think you can ignore the Amazon Effect because you’re B2B? You can’t.

But you can compete and win.

Retailers are well aware of the Amazon Effect, but many B2B companies haven’t felt the impacts of these consumer buying habits shift. Yet.
We’re all consumers and Amazon has set a high bar. Recent research from B2B ecommerce analyst Andy Hoar suggests that this Amazon effect is having an increasing impact, exerting pressures on businesses to improve customer service and develop omnichannel options. He reveals that 92% of B2B buyers use Amazon to research and 82% actually make work purchases on Amazon.
That means that, like it or not, Amazon and the new perspective of anytime, anywhere buying will impact your sales efforts.
However, B2B companies can compete by delivering what Amazon can’t.
  • Content. B2B customers have an insatiable desire for high quality content. By providing intelligence and information, brands and manufacturers can create a significant point of differentiation.
  • Develop an omnichannel ordering experience. This means that on-lines sales, direct sales and customer service all speak the same language.
  • Think from your customer’s perspective. Be consultative.
  • Keep your large customer relationships tight. Larger companies value expertise, customer service and inventory management services.
  • Think about investing in a B2B web store. It’s a fast growing sales channel, it’s live 24/7 and it can be a significant driver of revenue and profits. Even content and webinars can be a sales item.

Focus on your value proposition and work to strengthen it. Don’t’ be afraid to be obsessive about your customer, be willing to learn, and invent your own future.